It’s 6:30pm, you are still at your desk finishing up your report for tomorrow’s meeting. You have missed another one of your workouts, and will be late for dinner again…… It has been a long week and your neck and between your shoulder blades are screaming for some rest. You jump into the car for your ever expanding commute home with the stresses of traffic and the rest of your life building at each halt of traffic ahead of you. Every day you are feeling this tightness and tension that just won’t seem to go away with anything you do……

Sound familiar? This muscular tension (chronic shortening of muscles) is a very common problem that I see several times a week in the clinic. Caused primarily from long days behind a computer and/or steering wheel. Our lifestyles have become literally a pain in the neck.

This common condition is often called postural strain, repetitive strain or myofascial (muscle) pain syndrome. The good news it can be treated quite effectively with long term relief with a combination of manual therapies and specific stretch and strengthening protocols.Neck and Back Pain

Don’t suffer with this sort of condition. It is not normal or a function of age. You can live your daily life pain free. That is my goal with all my patients. Get the body to function properly through a treatment plan that will allow the body to adapt to the stress that is put on it daily.