Finish First acupuncture treatmentMedical Acupuncture (D. Ac)  applies the evidence-based concepts of acupuncture to relieve pain, alter movement patterns and improve performance. The Medical Acupuncture Provider completed the Contemporary Medical Acupuncture program at McMaster University, Hamilton, which focuses the science based application of acupuncture.

Acupuncture treatment has been very well studied in both western and eastern scientific communities. The scientifically proven benefits of acupuncture include pain relief, inflammation reduction, improved blood flow, stress reduction, improved nerve conduction, addiction control, as well as improved organ function.

The practitioner selects needle insertion points based on their extensive knowledge of neuromuscular anatomy. Needles are inserted in order to alter nerve flow and/or muscle tone and therefore, medical acupuncture is often utilized as a component of treatment plans for a variety of conditions including:

  • Headaches
  • Jaw pain (TMJ disorders)
  • Neck and Back pain
  • Muscle tears or muscle pulls
  • Ligament strains
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Golfers Elbow
  • Inflammation
  • Achilles tendonitis (tendonosis)
  • Rotator cuff dysfunction
  • Tennis Elbow

How does it work?

Needles are placed in the body close to nerves and nerve receptors to alter nerve and vascular flow and muscle tone. The needles aid in normalizing the local and central nervous system to improve overall function and performance. Stimulation by the needles also functions as a natural analgesic, decreasing pain. A small electrical device may be attached to one or more of the needles to aid in treatment and improve the effectiveness of the procedure.


acupuncture for lower back pain


• Muscle strains
• Muscle trigger points
• Nerve injuries
• Healing of scar tissue
• Headaches
• and more

acupuncture for cyclists


• Stress and anxiety
• Accidents and injuries
• Repetitive actions and movements
• Scar tissue or poor healing
• Resultant nerve, vascular, or hormonal dysfunction.

acupuncture for runners


• Reduces pain locally and throughout the body
• Myofascial trigger point relaxation
• Improves tissue healing
• Improves nerve function
• Improves mood and reduces stress