Performance Goals

Here are 5 Keys to Getting your Personal and Performance Goals Accomplished this Summer


  1. Treat workouts as business appointments. Too often, we skip our workouts because work of life supersedes our workout time. Make the workout a mandatory part of your day. If we miss 1 workout of our planned 4, for example, we are losing 25% of our scheduled workouts.


  1. Plan your workouts. You want to have a sense of completion and satisfaction in the work we do. Make sure you have your workout planned ahead of time so you know what you are doing and can leave the gym or track etc. knowing you have met your goal of the workout.


  1. Strive for quality of effort. In our busy lives, get the most out of yourself each and every time you enter a workout. Giving a 70% effort, leaves 30% of your potential wasted. This goes back to planning. Some mental preparation before the physical task will go along way to getting that 95-100% quality you need to meet your long-term goals.


  1. Consistency in your efforts. It takes time and dedication to reach our goals. When looking for results, don’t be impatient. Remember, Slow and Steady wins the race. It is the consistent number and quality of workouts that will ultimately lead to improvement and allowing for your best performance in you sport or activity.


  1. Give yourself the best opportunity to succeed. Have a workout partner or group to workout with. Make your workout sessions fun, pick exercises and methods of training that you enjoy. If you don’t like what you are doing, it is highly likely that you won’t stick with it. For example, if you hate running on a treadmill all the time, switch it up and run in trails or by the water occasionally. Training should not feel like a chore.